A Ride through New York City

Soar is a two-minute time-lapse journey through the streets of New York City. It features the most famous sights from the Big Apple such as Central Park, the Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, and so forth. I shotted these sequences for seven days in late Octobre in 2018 while being in New York for the first time and getting married. I hope the short film does transport the feeling of being overwhelmed and in awe when one experiences the sheer crazy hustle and bustle of New York City for the first time.

Brooklyn Bridge during sunset shot from Peeple Beach on the Brooklyn side of New York

Looking down on Manhatten from the Empire State Building.

Perhaps the most Instagrammed place in whole New York: DUMBO

The view from Brooklyn Bridge Park was one of my favorites

Well the one from the Top of the Rock isn’t too bad either

This is a shot taken from the Tudor City Overpass looking down into Midtown on 42nd Street with the Chrysler Building on the right.

On the Brooklyn Bridge during sunrise…

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