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A collection of nightskies and milkyway photography

Photographing the nightskies is always an erie experience. You are standing most of the times alone in the total dark, looking at the nightsky trying to find a good composition with the foreground. For me it is always somekind of probing and trial and error until I find a good shot that its worthy of postprocessing and publication. Below are just a few of my better shots. Unfortenutly, the nightskies at my home location are not that spectecular, therefore, I have to travel far to shot the milky way.

The winter milky way in Teneriffe at Los Roques

Winter milky way panorama consisting of 24 shots of the milky way at Teide Nationalpark on Tenerife

African milky way seen on our Namibia travel

Black and White shot of the african milky way

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